Webcams are important devices for communication between people who are unable to see one another in person. A webcam can provide clear and sharp video imaging, with higher quality webcams offering a more lifelike experience. Whether communicating with someone for business or personal reasons, seeing that person’s face makes the interaction stronger.

  • Resolution : Standard definition and high definition.
  • Frame Rate : Good minimum frame rate for a webcam is 30 frames per second.
  • Autofocus : A webcam with autofocus will track a moving subject within the frame and change its focus.
  • Lens : Image quality is largely connected to lens quality, better the lens is, better the broadcast image will be.
  • Microphone : Generally suitable for use on a chat program, not powerful enough for professional sound recording.
  • Connection Type : USB 2.0 cable and wireless connection.
  • Brand : Buy a webcam from reputable brand like Apple, Logitech, Toshiba, Microsoft, Mobotix, Axis, HP, Creative, Gear Head, Sony, Panasonic…
  • Design : Clip-on or freestanding.
  • Recording : You will need a software, all you need to know about Webcam Software


Network camera : Also called an IP camera, a network camera records images and sends the compressed versions over the network. Network cameras used in surveillance systems usually offer a browser interface so the camera can be remotely accessed and viewed over the Internet. Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems use network cameras.


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